We help independent
retailers to
survive And thrive

within today’s fast changing retail environment.

"We're on a mission to spark a huge high street revival, one independent retailer at a time."


"We implement on the ground frameworks for retail business support, tailored to local needs and budgets"

How we achieve this:

We deliver a combination of face to face Workshops, 1-2-1 on-site coaching/mentoring and remote/online support.

Working alongside each business to develop a relevant plan for their needs.

Working closely with local stakeholders to build and develop local network and communication avenues.

Retail Spark works alongside partners such as:

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

We work with local authorities implementing an on-the-ground framework to help independent retailer thrive, sparking a high street resurgence.
Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

We have cost-effective training and development solutions to spark independent retailer’s growth. This stimulates local economic growth and helps revive the high street.

Funding Institutions

By packing our solution to your services, you help independent retailers to grow and develop. Their ability to repay and longterm success greatly improves, improving the ROI.

The benefits to the partners

A recognised support avenue encouraging more entrants to the local marketplace.

Help retail businesses to sustain growth by developing their offering

Create positive changes that lead to profitable sustainable returns on investments

Enhanced reputation of local stakeholders for being seen to support the needs of local independent business needs.


Improve on-the-ground insight of what’s happening on the local high streets.

Enable a vibrant and diverse high street to emerge to serve local needs

Partner with industry leaders on a mission to enhance the local high streets.

Improved working relationships between businesses and our partners.

The benefits to independent retailers

Industry experts’ support and guidance to develop and grow your business.

Retail specific support available around-the-clock, to tackle ongoing challenges.

Mastermind with retail experts and local peers to improve core areas of your business.

Achieve improved business knowledge and confidence.

Grow confidently in today’s fast changing retail environment.

Partnerships with industry leading service providers tailored to your needs.

Help in creating a fulfilling vision for your individual business.

Develop a clear execution plan for areas you need or wish to develop.

What a local Authority said...
"We have been delighted with the business mentoring programme and the impact this has had on the individual businesses and the reputation of the Council. The mentoring achieved what it was meant to and we now have stronger businesses able to move forward and survive the high street in uncertain times"
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Few Words About Us

We help independent retailers ignite their passion whilst mastering the skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace, sparking a resurgence of the modern day high street. Retail Spark was born to provide the independent retailer with ‘On the ground’ up-to-date practical business support. The need for such support was identified whilst running and consulting for independent businesses over the course of two decades.

Let the Numbers Speak for Us

Independents serviced

Workshops delivered

Years in

Local Authorities

“Human interaction is still a requirement for most, and rather than fearing the advances in technology and changing shopping habits, we need to embrace it and utilise it to show what amazing creative retail experiences each area has to offer.”

                                                                                                                                          Jason Hayward 

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