Frequently Asked Questions

We work on frameworks to achieve the best possible results. We do not offer drop in style business support as we believe in business owners having the time and relevant support to look at the whole picture. Taking the time to look at all the core areas of running a retail business to allow them to have a clearer picture on where to focus developing during the 1-2-1 sessions.

We aim to build a level of trust with each business to allow open and honest communication which in turn leads to positive impacts in the areas which need it most. It starts with a few weeks of promoting the offering and the benefits of being involved. We hit the streets, alongside any local groups such as the BIDs or town teams. We walk in to meet the business owners face to face. This allows us to answer questions and deal with any negative views about the type of support on offer. This also then starts to build stronger links so when the workshops launch we already have a level of trust and some engagement with the local businesses. We require the participants to attend all workshops on offer to allow them to build a clear plan of what areas they want to develop while working with us. To find out more contact us now. 


Once agreed these programmes can be launched within weeks. We don’t advise launching into the workshops too quickly as the promotion needs time to allow the best possible sign up to the support and return on your investment. To find out more contact us now. 

In a word no, we could work with very small groups if required although it isn’t ideal. We aim for at least 5/6 attendees for each session. With enough time to promote the support we aim for on average 10-12 attendees for the sessions. We do not accommodate anymore than 15 in the workshops as this will detract from the level of focus given to each business during the sessions. To find out more contact us now. 

This is something which depends upon the individual business needs. We provide regular updates of engagement and position along with regular feedback from all the businesses involved. Results can vary depending on what is required but also by the level of commitment from the business owners. Unfortunately we do find on occasions those businesses who could benefit most, through fear, are not willing to commit to work within a framework such as this and make positive changes to their business.

At the end of the support we will also provide a report showing a breakdown of the aims, objectives and outcomes of the programme.To find out more contact us now. 

Yes they do. We collate feedback regularly from businesses to show direct from them what they think. This type of support shows a level of commitment from the local stakeholders on the importance of the local high street and the independent businesses which inhabit them. You will see local communication links strengthen if already there or start to build if not. Trust of the local groups will grow as current and future entrepreneurs see the commitment to a high level of support for local independent retailers and a vision for the future success of the local high streets. To find out more contact us now. 

The independent Retailer has always been the life and soul of every community’s high street. They have never been more important than right now. The high street is a fast changing environment and many of the larger brands no longer require a high street presence on every corner of the UK. Now add the ever increasing cost for physical ‘Brick and Mortar’ establishments. 

Due to this in many areas there will be voids to fill and a greater need for vibrant strong independent offerings to support the local community’s needs. Implementing a framework of support will help the current retailers survive, thrive and grow. It also promotes new entrance to the high street for new entrepreneurs. It allows business owners to find the required support for any challenge they face along their business life. Being in business can be a lonely journey and having that additional support makes all the difference.

Showing there is support in place breeds confidence in the local high street over time and will support other measures being implemented to improve the local area. To find out more contact us now. 

Although there are some core areas of business which are the same across any business, there are many differences to running a Retail business. We have many years of experience in running retail businesses and supporting independent businesses, we have therefore experienced many challenges in this time which very often relates to situations retailers are currently dealing with. We understand the day-to-day challenges of opening and managing a physical store. There are also some very retail specific areas which are core to the success of a high street store, such as the finding premises, planning, marketing, customer experience, Visual merchandising and window dressing.

Very often having support from individuals who have been there and done it, helps to quickly build a level of trust. Trust is an essential component in achieving positive results, and is core to how we run our programmes. Without trust and credibility there is not enough honesty to get an understanding of the true needs of the businesses. To find out more contact us now. 

The way we structure the support is to make sure we achieve as many of the individual retailers objectives as possible. From experience many people attend a Workshop, take the information from it away and don’t always implement what they learn. Therefore we run the 1-2-1 support after or alongside the Workshops to provide accountability needed to implement change. The workshops help to build a good level of trust between ourselves and the business owners. It gives them time to work on the core areas and build a clear development plan ready for when we land in their business to support them. If 1-2-1 sessions are offered alone, or a drop-in type offering, you find the level of trust is not high enough to get a clear understanding. Very often hours can be wasted trying to evaluate the current position before any positive changes can be implemented. Many business owners have an idea of areas they think they need support in, but on many occasions when they spend time looking closer into all the areas of their business, they find other priorities they need to focus on first.

As with the old saying, ‘Work on your business, not in it’. This structure allows this to be done. To find out more contact us now. 

This varies depending on the budget, the size of the target area, the timescales and the aims of the project. We would look at your aims and objectives and the local needs, and then advise what is available to fit your budget. It can compromise of more remote support if the budget does not allow for 100% face to face. To find out more contact us now. 

This again depends on the budget and size of target area. We believe, to give the programme the best chance of the greatest return, the initial phase should be at least between 12-24 months. Shorter timescales can be done and have been done; this again is dependent on the aims and objectives. About 12 weeks to begin to see changes and 12 months to really take things to the next level creating lasting results.

There is also a level of ongoing support available after the initial investment to support what has already been achieved. To find out more contact us now. 

When the initial phase ends it is advisable to continue to offer a level of Retail specific support. This can usually be a more remote offering but still allows the framework to be in place for retailers to use when challenges arise. It still allows you, as our partner, a point of contact or referral contact for any retail business challenge. This may include online training, online advice and support. We can also run specific Workshops through the year. This will be discussed in more detail dependent on budget and your local needs. To find out more contact us now.