Retail spark Academy

“An online learning platform and mastermind group, to help you take your business to the next level”

Short practical video instructions followed by step-by-step instructions and frameworks to help you succeed. Expert support to motivate you, support you and help you make the business what you want. Your accountability partner and guide to help you develop your business.

“Get ready to make your business a vehicle for achieving the things you want in life”

Who can benefit from the Retail Spark Academy training:

  • Anybody who’s thinking of opening a retail store.
  • Independent retailers who want to grow and develop their existing business.
  • Retail business owners who have lost that initial spark.
  • Business owners no longer feeling in control of the business.
  • Any retailer struggling to make a profit
  • You, if your business is not giving you what you want.

“Retail Spark Academy is Your expert business development partner to support you throughout your retail business journey”

Learn to set smart goals and targets linked to your personal vision

Benefit from decades of retail experience packaged into each lesson

Breakthrough isolation and loneliness by connecting with like-minded people

Expert support to help you no matter what stage you are in the journey

Grasp the core areas of your business and how they contribute to your goals

A clear path to help you achieve your life goals through your business

Maximise time to work on your Business rather than in it

Stellar support to guide you at every stage of your business journey

“Are you ready to take the next step to grow your independent retail business?”